Zone Detail - DDIExpo-2019

1.0 Made in Bangladesh Zone

This year the “Digital Device & Innovation Expo 2019” is focusing on locally made products. The local companies that manufacture digital devices in Bangladesh can showcase their products in The Made in Bangladesh zone. It will be a great opportunity for both the organisations and it’s target groups to connect over devices authentically made within national territories.

2.0 Innovation Zone

Innovation zone represents the changing scenario of the new and improved Bangladesh. A2i has firmly been behind the new wave of innovations emerging in the country. All these innovative projects and inventions will be demonstrated in this zone. They range in the fields encompassing Agriculture, Bangla Language Tools, Cooperatives, Device, Disabilities, Education, G2C service, Health, Land, Law, etc. This Zone will be managed by A2i.

3.0 Startup Zone:

Your Vision is our Future. We are getting behind creating a national entrepreneurship platform to enable Bangladesh to innovate faster, create new opportunities, develop technical skills and help realize the vision of Digital Bangladesh. We acknowledge the myriad of constraints that are currently inhibiting the growth of startups in the country and as such dealing and mitigating the situation is our top priority. This zone will be managed by Idea Project.

4.0 Robotic Zone

The world is changing, often faster than we can anticipate. A lot of things that exclusively required human touch are now within the scope of operations of robots. If Bangladesh wants to be a part of this wave of revolution, she must participate and compete with global trends. Globally, robotics design and shape is evolving and so are we. Many homegrown students are making the most fascinating robotics-related inventions. This zone will be a platform in which these students can display their robots for others to see.

5.0 Registration for Mars

If you don’t dream big, you will always lose your potential to the ceilings that you yourself have trapped yourself in. Call us unhinged, but we have a dream to launch for Mars on 2041. If you’re interested to go above and beyond the world as you know now, we will be waiting in this zone with our registration team so you can reserve your boarding passes to hit Mars in about two decades.

6.0 BCS Expo Zone

More than 100 renowned digital device manufacturers will showcase their products in this zone. Besides local brands, there will be brands such as Dell, Asus, Intel, HP, Samsung, etc. and they will be stacked with the best offers and discounts to enable a smooth purchase experience for you.

7.0 B2B Zone

To extend our offerings from the business-to-consumer sphere, we’ve also incorporated a business-to-business (B2B) zone in order to create a platform where multiple businesses can collaborate to conduct meet, plan and promote their products and enter into smart and strategic alliances.

8.0 Media corner 

We will have an exclusive media corner to enable a meet-and-greet session between the participants and the media representatives. Both businesses and consumers can approach partner organizations from Daily News Paper, Television, Radio & News Portal to secure PR coverage for their causes relevant to the Expo.