News - `Digital Device and Innovation Expo’ Starts from 14th October

`Digital Device and Innovation Expo’ Starts from 14th October

13th September, 2019 Bangladesh Post
For the first time in the country, the largest information technology exhibition “Digital Device and Innovation Expo 2019” is going to be to take place. The 3 day long exhibition, jointly organized by the ICT Division, Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park authority, Idea Project, a2i and Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) will start from October 14.

Prime Minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Ahmed Wajed Joy will inaugurate the exhibition as chief guest.

State Minister of the ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak came up with this statement at a press conference at Janata Tower Software Technology Park in the capital on Friday.

The state minister said that, the exposition will imply to explore the innovation of students. Besides, there will be a separate zone for the local organizations who are manufacturing technological products.

“Digital Bangladesh is not a dream now, it the reality today. We all are enjoying the facilities of Digital Bangladesh. We are also advancing towards the road of development, making us flourished with the continuous and rapid change of technology,” added the state minister.

About the exposition, he said, “Digital Device and Innovation Expo 2019” will also include seminar program for expanding the knowledge of students about technology. It will also include opportunity to get introduce with new technologies.

With the slogan “Made in Bangladesh” in the exhibition, local manufacturers will be able to showcase their respective products. It is a subject of hope that we could claim ourselves as a citizen of a developed country very soon, he further added.

“Digital Device and Innovation Expo 2019” will be helpful in creating public awareness, investing in the ICT sector, creating business friendly environment, increasing youth participation, creating employment opportunities, path of achieving foreign currencies and making new entrepreneurs. This time IT businessmen, representatives and speakers from different countries will take part in the exposition, B2B between local organizations with world’s well known technology organization is going to be organized too. As a result6 of this, the possibilities of the Technology sector of our country will increase to another level, Palak said.

Managing Director of Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority, Hosne Ara Begum (NDC) said that, now Bangladesh is a role model to the world spectrum in terms of information technology.

“Today, the success of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park is visible to everyone in our country. People from Division, Sub-division even from the remote corner of our country are enjoying the facilities of technology, which is credited to Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority. Our school, college and even university’s students will also be inspired from the exposition. We have to take preparation from today for leading in the Generation’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. World has been heading towards 5G exceeding the 4G technology. This Exposition will play the role of milestone in terms of achieving the world’s challenge due to the rapid change of technology,” she added.

The Director of Idea Project, Syed Mojibul Haque said, “with this effort, the world will come to know our potentiality that we are rapidly advancing in technology.